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Why should you choose us as your supplier?

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Leonardo HD reflects the face of the people who work in the Company: a 3000sqm production center with high-profile specializations and cutting-edge technologies, where  the metal product is processed according to customers’ needs.

Ability, versatility and dynamism are the peculiarities of an active and always helpful  team.  With this spirit  we handle  each product as a new challenge, ready to make ourselves even more efficient towards the future, improving our  quality and our  reference in the market.

Our supply  chain can guarantee the customer a high  quality standard, thanks to the production and experience with  the most varied products and to the collaboration with reliable suppliers.

Why should you choose us as your supplier?

Drawings and Design

Leonardo srl has an internal technical studio that can customize the customer’s requests: whether it is a complete product or a part of it. The design studio will handle your project and relate to the production department to make the entire product design process efficient as per your needs.

Laser cut

Tube fiber laser cutting machines allows Leonardo a further gap into industry 4.0, ensuring high quality, productivity and precision, reducing time and increasing efficiency. Laser cutting is possible for circular section tubes with diameters from 10mm to 152mm, and for square section diameters from 10mm to 140mm of the following materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

Deformation Curvature

We realize curves on multiple profiles and sections using numerical controlled variable radius bending machines. For deformations we use specific moulds, designed by our specialized tooling department. We can realize curves and deformations from the most creative ideas.

Metal welding

Thirty years experience in the metalworking field places Leonardo among the most reliable partners in the welding sector as well, as it can count on highly specialized personnel among its collaborators. The available welds are: TIG, manual / robotic MIG and braze welding applied on metals such as steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

Treatments and Finishes

Thanks to the support and close collaboration of reliable suppliers we can realize a multiple range of treatments and finishes. In addition to the classic treatments listed below, we can evaluate the feasibility of any special need. Finishes available: Painting, satin finishing, polishing. Available treatments: Chrome plating, nickel plating, cataphoresis and zinc plating.

Packaging and Shipping

Leonardo srl can be the solution for the realization of your idea in all its forms, from processing and finishing to the delivery of the finished product in a box. Thanks to the packaging department, with care and systematic control, we ensure that the quality is compliant, preparing your product for shipment.


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metalworks ENG · Leonardo · Human Dimension